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The Smart Machine That Pays You To Shop

The DashBack artificial intelligence wants you to spend your Dash digital cash, so much that it is paying people like you to help convince you to part with those wonderful coins of yours.

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"Dash-Back brings the best of the credit card world, instant cash-back, with all the privacy of security of bitcion technology." cutting edge technology."

- The AI



  • Instantly Sends Dash To Your Change Address
  • No Sign Up Necessary For Shoppers
  • Decides When To Pay Aiming To Maximize Dash Commerce
  • Rewards New Dash Merchants With More Business
  • 1% Instant Dash Back To Merchants
  • Up To $20 Dash Back For Customers

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Dash Available

100% Donor Funded

Anonymous Donations Encouraged


Are you a fan of Dash? Do you crave more adoption? Donate to DashBack.AI today and 100% of your bits will go directly to incentivizing people to shop with Dash.

Send DASH to the address show and the funds will be immediately available to the Dash Back agent.


as little as $1

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